Heliflite Oy is a reliable helicopter operator in Northern Finland. We have gained experience for over a decade in various fields of helicopter operations in the arctic Northern Scandinavia. To assure that our service meets the high safety standards of the industry our pilots are trained twice a year in Eurocopter’s simulator in Helisim, France. Our own helicopter maintenance in Sodankylä is certified to do all repairs for the fleet that we operate.


Take helicopter as a part of your hike in the fells and you will see a lot more. You may either start your hike by flying into the wilderness and then hike back to Kilpisjärvi or hike up to the fells and after couple of days take a scenic flight back. Also you may take some extra food items with you that are usually not taken on a hike due to the weight. One option is to take a helicopter flight two-way and pitch your tent on your favourite spot and do short day-hikes from your basecamp.

Our partner Lapin Safarit organizes guided hiking trips.

Fishing trips

Our partner Lapin Safarit organizes all inclusive fishing trips. You may contact them to find out the possibilities.

In Kilpisjärvi, Finland

During May and from the end of June until the beginning of September we are in Kilpisjärvi that is the place where Finland, Sweden and Norway meets. Our helicopter serves fishermen, hikers and hunters and destinations include rivers, lakes and fells in Finland and in Sweden. The radius that we operate within is approximately 50 kilometres. Our helicopter has a seating for 5 passengers and 30 kilo of personal luggage per each.

Charter flights in Lapland

In the winter season from January until April we are in the ski resorts of Levi, Ylläs and Olos all of them locating in Western Finnish Lapland. Per request we also serve in other parts of Lapland.

Our helicopters suit well different charter needs:

- passenger flights

- VIP-quest flights

- Scenic flights

- Various events