This document covers only wilderness helicopter flights and factors closely related.

You must check-in for your helicopter flight latest one hour prior to the designated departure time. Our office is located in Kilpisjärvi airport that is approximately 2 km south of the Kilpisjärvi hotel and grocery store. In the check-in we confirm the departure time, charge the flight and write tickets for you. After this you usually have time to go for a coffee or last-minute-shopping in Kilpisjärvi centre. Please get ready on time also for your return flight out of the wilderness.

If you are unsure of whether you make it in time to Kilpisjärvi please inform us as soon as possible. You may call us in phone number +358 – 400 – 155 111.

Accepted modes of payment are cash in Euro, Finnish debit cards and VISA and Master Card credit cards. Most convenient way for us is different cards and therefore we hope that you would use one of the accepted cards.

By the Kilpisjärvi airport we have a generous parking area where you may leave your car at your own risk during your trip. Please follow the parking area signs and staff instructions.

Firewood packed in net bags is available by the airport for your trip.

Fishing licences for waters in Finland is available in:
- Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre
- internet

Fishing licences for waters in Sweden is available in:
- In Karesuvanto Statoil (gasoline station) that is on the border of Finland and Sweden some 90 kilometres south of Kilpisjärvi.
- Internet
- , in Swedish only!

- In Statoil, Karesuvanto

Helicopter loading is done by Heliflite staff, also boarding on helicopter takes place only under the supervision of our staff. At the time of boarding pilot informs you of the safety issues, such as use of the seatbelts and doors, and regulations concerning smoking and electronic equipment.


Maximum amount of baggage per person is 30 kilo. Bear in mind this limitation while packing your bags at home. The easiest bags in helicopter flights are simple duffel bags or backpacks.

Sharp objects
Sharp objects, such as knifes, blades, pocket tools, scissors etc. that may be used in harming others must be packed within your bags that are put in cargo departments.

Hunting and sport weapons are allowed on our flights if prior notice has been made. Pilot confirms before the flight if such a notice has been made. Weapons must be unloaded and packed in cargo departments. Ammunition must be packed in solid boxes and placed in cargo departments and the maximum amount per person is 5 kilograms.

Each passenger is allowed to take 1 litre of flammable liquid (spirit) for their camping stoves. Liquid must be stored in intact container within plastic bag and this package must be placed in one of the helicopters cargo departments.

Passengers are allowed to take petrol for their private use in containers that are accepted for petrol and that are in commercial use, e.g. Jerry can. Each container’s capacity is limited to 20 litres and the total amount of petrol in helicopter is limited to 60 litres. All petrol containers are placed in the cargo departments.

Liquid gas propane, meaning barbecue grill or camping stove gas, is prohibited on our flights with one exception as follows.
Special permission for businesses and entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur who runs business in Lapin lääni province is allowed to send propane as airmail if it is part of his/her own business operations. These gas containers must be commercially used and accepted and their net capacity must be 2, 5 or 11 kilograms. The maximum allowed net amount on these flights is 22 kilograms. On these gas transport flights only pilot and gas owner/sender is allowed onboard.

For more information on dangerous goods see:


Nature does not always allow our operations every single day. Due to the rapidly changing arctic weather type in northern Lapland, it is not always possible to conduct the flight plan. Reasons are various, but the main obstacle is usually poor visibility due to mist, fog or low hanging clouds. On days like this we must cancel all flights temporarily and wait for the clearer skies. Once the weather is suitable, allowing us to operate safely, we will resume the flight plan according to the reservation list.

On mountains and fells the weather changes a lot, and the local differences, e.g. opposite sides of the same fell, are usually considerable. When flying with the copter, both the helipad and the landing site in the wilderness must meet the criteria for safe helicopter operations. Please bear in mind the weather factor also in your personal and group gear, and prepare for extra overnights.

Things to be considered:
- Flightlist might get jammed. We try to hurry in cases like this, and will fly all of the flights.
- You must wait for the flight at the location agreed on before hand. Wilderness is far too big to start a search for a couple of hikers, who are not in an emergency.
- We do not fly night time. Be ready to spend extra nights on the fells. (Shelter, food, water)
- Plan and prepare your connecting transports (Train, bus, plane) so loosely that your timetable does not get ruined if you need to spend extra days out there on the fells.
- Heliflite Oy does not take any responsibility of the harm caused by the weather issues explained in this bulletin.


Volcanic ash
Civil aviation authorities in Finland, Sweden or Norway may forbid any time any flights in the regions that Heliflite Oy operate due to the volcanic ash in the atmosphere.